First time buyers Mortgage Deals have never been so cheap!

Commentators in the national press this week say mortgage deals have never been so cheap! (1)

Depending on factors such as the amount you have available for deposit and whether you are eligible for discounts we can provide tailor made advice to suit your individual circumstances. Mortgage deals for first time buyers are as low as 1.09% fixed interest rate for two years (2)

Savings can also be made by existing homeowners with remortgage deals.  Again fixed rates are at historically low rates. Two year fixed rate mortgage deals this week are as low as 1.2 % and five year fixed rate mortgage deals are as low as 1.75% (2)

Contact  The Mortgage Clinic now for mortgage advice and to discuss options available to enjoy the long term security of such advantageous rates.

  1. The Times Saturday 25th March 2017
  2. Trigold Mortgage sourcing software 29/03/2017