Home Movers Mortgages: compare rates for best mortgage deals

Home Movers Mortgages – thinking of moving? Free Initial Mortgage Advice available from The Mortgage Clinic

Mortgage Advice belfastPeople move house for many different reasons. Whether you need to upsize or downsize or just fancy a change of scenery there is always lots to think about. At The Mortgage Clinic we want to answer the questions you may have around the finances of moving home. Our Free Home Movers Mortgages Planning Consultation does just that!

Before you even start viewing or bidding on any property you should speak to us – you need to know how much you can borrow and how much it will cost each month. We offer free initial mortgage advice for Home Movers Mortgages.

No need for you to check all the banks and building societies yourself – we can do this for you, all under one roof! Because we work with all the major UK lenders, as well as the local ones, you can be sure of independent mortgage advice, best suited to your needs. Each lender has their own lending criteria but our expert knowledge will make sure we find a solution that is matched to your own specific circumstances.

We will review your credit report which is the first hurdle to get through when you’re borrowing money of any description – whether it’s a mortgage, credit card or personal loan.

We can help you arrange to have your current property valued to assess accurately what equity you have in your home. We will discuss how much of this you should use as a deposit for your new home, or whether you want to keep some aside for moving costs, decoration etc.

We will gain a mortgage ‘Agreement in Principle’ for you so you can be sure you can get the mortgage advice and mortgage you require.

You will leave the Planning Consultation knowing how much you can borrow, how much it is likely to cost and what documents you need to start gathering together – ready to find your new home!

And then what happens?

  1. You view the properties you’re interested in, within the budget we have agreed
  2. You advertise your existing property for sale/rental
  3. Have a bid accepted and get your property ‘sale agreed’
  4. We check again for the best mortgage deal that’s right for your circumstances
  5. We complete your mortgage application
  6. Property valuation is carried out by the chosen mortgage lender
  7. The lender issues a mortgage offer
  8. In the meantime your solicitor will have been working in the background making the necessary checks etc
  9. Completion date agreed
  10. Collect your keys and get ready to move into your new home


Your first meeting is FREE of charge. If you instruct us to work on your behalf there will usually be a research and implementation fee. The actual amount you pay will depend upon your individual circumstances but a typical fee is £250 and this is payable when you instruct us.