Fixed interest rate coming to an end? Save money by Remortgaging.

When your current mortgage deal comes to the end of its fixed terms you are faced with the following options for the next period of your mortgage.

  • Stay with your current mortgage provider and take a new mortgage deal. This may not be the best deal available for you
  • Do nothing and move onto your existing mortgage lenders variable interest rate, leaving you susceptible to interest rate rises and potentially out of pocket
  • Shop around and change to a new mortgage provider which gives you a better deal than your current provider by remortgaging, saving you money in the process ££

Banks and Building societies rely on many customers sleepwalking into taking another fixed term deal with them, without knowing what their options are. At The Mortgage Clinic we take the pain out of shopping around and analysing the 100s to 1000s of deals that are on the market that may be suitable for your circumstances.

Banks and building societies openly compete with each other for your custom, and are prepared to offer incentives to make it worthwhile you moving away from your current mortgage provider. These incentives can include free legal fees, free valuation, no arrangement fees and cash back. We aim to find and recommend a new remortgage deal for you to move on to and arrange it for you, saving you £100s to £1000s.

Case study May 2016

Home buyers looking for remortgage advice contacted The Mortgage Clinic in May 2016 looking to see what their options were. They were coming to the end of their fixed interest rate deal with their current lender Leeds Building Society. We shopped around for them and were able to secure a new mortgage deal that was better than what Barclays were offering them. We saved these clients £2700 by moving lenders.

It’s not just about finding you the right deal and saving you money, we will process your application, liaise with the lender on your behalf, dealing with all the paperwork and sorting out problems for you ensuring the process runs as smooth and stress free as possible.

Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us now to make that initial contact, we are standing by and would be delighted to hear from you. Remortgage advice Belfast a local and expert service.