At The Mortgage Clinic we help you avoid being declined, improve your chances of a successful application, and save you some money!

Whether you are first time buyers or home movers, or looking for a new mortgage deal, or if you are buy to let investors, there are a vast number of mortgage products on the market for you to trawl through. It can be a time consuming task to search through all of these providers and their products to ensure you get the best deal, and that you and your property meets their application criteria. The role of a mortgage broker is to do this for you! Banks and building societies also advertise exclusive mortgage deals that you cannot access yourself! They are only accessed through a qualified and licensed mortgage broker.

How badly can you get it wrong?

Take out a mortgage when buying your home or remortgaging is a process that you can easily get wrong. You could find yourself out of pocket by selecting an inferior mortgage product or even worse end up being declined and losing your dream home. The difference between an average mortgage product and the best deal on the market can be £100s to £1000s of difference over the term of your fixed rate mortgage, and at The Mortgage Clinic our qualified Mortgage Broker can show you this, we routinely save our customers money.

We are expert Mortgage Brokers

We are qualified and licensed mortgage advisers, here to guide you through every step of the way. Banks and building societies will only offer you their own mortgage products, whereas an independent mortgage adviser will source mortgages from the whole of the market and find you the right product for your circumstances, which may be £100s to £1000s cheaper than a product offered by a bank or building society or sourced by yourself, when you consider the total cost including all fees attached to the mortgage deal

Finding a Mortgage deal yourself?

Doing a Google search for ‘Mortgage Deals’ or ‘Mortgage Rates’ will not tell you that these deals are suitable for you or the property you are buying. Even if you find what you think is a good mortgage product yourself, you may not be accepted, criteria can vary from lender to lender, and larger deposits may be required as per the type of property that you are buying, or according to your credit score. In our experience its best to visit a qualified mortgage broker first to avoid disappointment and wasted time, we are experts and know how each lender operates, their lending criteria, and which deals you’re likely to be eligible for.

It’s not just about finding you the right deal and saving you money, we will liaise with the lender on your behalf, and sort out problems for you ensuring the process runs as smooth and stress free as possible thus increasing your chances of having a successful mortgage application.

Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us now to make that initial contact, we are standing by and would be delighted to hear from you.